Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Jog on !!!!!!

Oh yes i have decided to join the millions of other rather deluded and crazy people in the world whom for some reason wake up at some ungodly hour of the morning and take to the street

My wedding is approaching rapidly and i need to shift some excess pounds , so to help me in my quest , i have drafted in another pre wedding muggins , The Savage , check out the picture of us on our first jog........ !!!! i am in the blue tracksuit ,

If anyone has any funny quips or tips on the art of jogging then please let me
know. and wish me look

Thursday, 8 February 2007

who's a silly boy then

sorry for the 28 people who have check out my blog, i can only assume that 3 of you where my friends freinds and the rest was my mum.

but unfortunatly i was rather a silly boy at the weekend and clearly overstepped the bounderies of civalised drinking. After 29 years i am still unable to draw the line.

I was out drinking with 3 of my closest (Alcoholic chums).

One of wich is to become my wife very shortly .

An after a rather lovely day of shopping and eating in chester , we decided upon a few light ales in local public house , the ladies chose a cheeky little rose at an unreasoble price, and me and the Savage (The happy fellow in the middle with a jaw line ) selected one of the guest ales , the name fails me.

Now the plan was to finish the day with a couple of drinks... well the girls flew through the wine like Lamborghini MurciƩlago (apparenly a fast car !!!) and me and Savage where burning holes in the carpet to get to the bar . Men must take advantage these opprtunities , who knows when they will appear again. Now to cut a long story short (also known as not sure what happend next as i was pissed) we ended up in the greatest pub on earth , the centre of all kareoke nights , where all the greats started out , all of which slip my mind. by this time i was drinking vodkas like they where oxegen . My next memory is waiking up in the morning with good lady standing over me ushhering me out of bed., after several failed attempts she made her own way to work.

so i took a picture of myself to prove just how bad i looked and felt in the morning.
I think some changes need to be implemented in my drinking habits. keep a look out for the all new and improved mark ....... what do you think ?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

welcome 1 and all.... maybe just 1

where do i start ? at the beging i assume. but i dont want to start to far back as i am danger of boring you ..... which i might have already done so i will crack on.

well my name is mark..... who am i talking too this is weird (oh well ). i am currently embarking on this blog thingy to see how it will affect my life. i might find that no bugger reads it and i can finally confirm that i dont really have any friends and my life is one big lie. a bit like Arnold swartzihouser in total recall.

i will now insert a photo of me

there i am with my big shiney face.

i live on the wirral with my Darling fiance Alison

there we are smooching......

we are getting married in july and we are getting a little worried now as time is drawing ever closer. It only seems like last week that i was riding round the street on my bike , come to think of it that was last week...anyway now i am a real grown made who is getting married , wow , mental, kids next ...shut up..... who said that......

life would seem to be a funny old thing, i suppose you just have to go with it, only taken me 29 years to figure that out .

i am quite getting into this writing to no one , its like keeping a diary .

must dash no body speek soon , thanks for not listening.